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Even minor workplace accidents may lead to personal injury

Many workers in New Hampshire who suffer from workplace accidents may ignore the possible repercussions. When workers suffer from minor accidents, they may disregard it or believe it is not important enough to report. This may include dropping a heavy item on their foot without breaking any toes, tripping up one step and landing on their knee or closing their finger in a door.

America’s most dangerous dogs based on fatal attacks

Under the right — or wrong — conditions, any dog in New Hampshire has the potential to be dangerous. However, some dogs are more commonly associated with incidents of fatalities than others. This may result from people breeding specific types of dog for more aggressive purposes, such as guarding a home or illegal dog fighting. In other instances, some breeds may be associated with more fatalities because of their size and jaw structure, which increases the likelihood of a dog bite becoming fatal.

Personal injury claims against asbestos exposure

Many workers in Massachusetts are only just now getting sick after exposure to asbestos in the past. Some unethical professionals have noted this and attempted to game the system for the benefit of themselves and their clients. Forbes points out that this is at the expense of people who truly are sick from asbestos, while protecting the companies who are actually responsible for this sickness.

The dangers of bus stops for children

When a bus stops in New Hampshire, other vehicles should also stop. However, not all drivers obey this rule, often due to distracted driving. CNN reports that this is such a problem now that getting off the bus after school and waiting for the bus in the morning is actually more dangerous than riding the bus.

When you are struck by an out-of-state driver

There are many things to be aware of on the road, such as the various ways in which weather can impact driving conditions and the recklessness of others (drug or alcohol use behind the wheel, speeding, etc.). However, some accidents are especially unique, such as those which involve a driver who is visiting from another state. There are a number of things to keep in mind when it comes to these crashes, and you should carefully examine your legal options if their behavior caused the accident.

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