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Motorcyclist dead after illegal left turn causes collision

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2023 | Personal Injury

A New Hampshire woman is grieving the loss of a man she married only a year ago. She recently spoke publicly, saying she is grateful to have known such a wonderful man and to have loved such a caring and gentle husband. Sadly, the man was killed when they were riding a motorcycle together and the driver of another vehicle made an unsafe left turn.  

The woman believes the driver was attempting to beat traffic and cut across the road to enter a local casino parking lot. Both she and her husband saw the driver make the move and tried to brace themselves for the hit. The woman was knocked unconscious and later came to with serious injuries, including punctured lungs and numerous fractures of her pelvis, legs, arms, back, spine and ribs.  

Driver facing criminal charges 

The driver who made the left turn will now face multiple charges in court, including negligent homicide and vehicular assault. The widow said she wished the driver no ill will. However, he chose to do something wrong that cost her husband his life. The woman was a high-end caterer before the crash and is now unable to work.  

When a New Hampshire fatal collision occurs because of driver negligence, the spouse or other immediate family member of a deceased victim may file a wrongful death claim in civil court. The purpose of this is to seek financial recovery for losses sustained. There is no court ruling that can replace the loss of a human life. However, compensatory awards often bring financial relief to families who must pay medical bills, funeral costs and other expenses associated with their loved one’s death.  

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