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Reduce the chances of collision at intersections

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2024 | Personal Injury

There’s always an inherent risk when you get behind the wheel to drive in New Hampshire. However, by being cautious and alert and developing good driving habits, you can improve roadway safety, especially at intersections. Nothing you do guarantees 100% protection; however, taking certain precautions may help you avoid a collision.

When a collision occurs at an intersection, the initial impact often comes from the side. Perhaps one motorist might fail to stop at a red light, causing him or her to sideswipe a vehicle that is crossing in front at a green light. Rearend collisions are also common at crossroads if a driver doesn’t realize the vehicle in front has stopped.

Keep these tips in mind to avoid collision

When you approach an intersection, the tips shown in the following list can improve safety and help you avoid colliding with another car or a pedestrian:

  • Assume that another driver or a person on foot might disregard traffic laws.
  • Pause for several seconds and scan your surroundings when your light turns green rather than immediately accelerating.
  • Make sure a stationary object is not obstructing your vision, whether it’s a large truck in front of you or a lamp post, parked vehicle, tree or other structure nearby.
  • Never try to “beat” a yellow light before it turns red. Slow down and be prepared to stop.
  • If there are parked cars nearby, check carefully for dogs and children who may dart into the road from behind a vehicle.
  • If you’re unsure who has the right-of-way, always yield.

These safety habits can help you safely navigate both secured and unsecured intersections. Unfortunately, if there’s a distracted, reckless or intoxicated driver nearby, even your best efforts might not be enough to avoid a collision.

Seeking help during recovery following a motor vehicle accident

Severe injuries may occur if another vehicle hits you at an intersection. A vehicle hitting you from behind can cause whiplash or severe concussion. A sideswipe or head-on collision often results in serious injuries like brain trauma or spinal cord damage. It takes months to recover from these conditions, and sometimes there are permanent implications. As you strive for as full a recovery as possible, you would no doubt rely on close family members and friends for support.

Your medical team, and perhaps a physical therapist or visiting nurse, might also play key roles in your recovery. Medical care and other issues associated with recovery, such as taking time off work or gas money to travel to medical appointments, can cause financial distress that you may not be prepared to meet. The good news is that New Hampshire law allows recovering victims to seek compensation for damages against those who are liable for their injuries.

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