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Another tragic collision on New Hampshire Route 4

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Personal Injury

Drivers tend to speed along sections of Route 4 in New Hampshire. A recent tragedy involved a car and a motorcycle and happened in Northwood. While investigators are still working on the case and have not stated whether excessive speed was a factor, the collision resulted in a fatality.  

First responders said the motorcyclist died at the scene. Two people traveling in the car suffered injuries. Both were transported to a local hospital for treatment. Thankfully, their injuries were not life-threatening.  

Both vehicles were on the left side of the road following the collision 

The motorcycle and car both landed on the left side of the highway after colliding. In the past, similar collisions have occurred when drivers in enclosed vehicles fail to see a motorcyclist in their mirrors before attempting a lane change. Especially in summer months, it is imperative for drivers to frequently check their mirrors as many people travel by motorcycle when the weather is warm. 

If driver negligence is determined to have been a causal factor in a New Hampshire collision, a recovering victim may seek compensation for damages by filing a personal injury claim against the person deemed responsible for the accident. When a fatality occurs, an immediate family member of the decedent may file a claim in civil court. If the decedent would have had grounds for filing a claim had he or she survived the incident, then a representative of the decedent’s estate has grounds for filing a similar claim.  

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