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Prevent DUI with these safety tips

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Criminal Defense

During New Hampshire springtime festivities, many people enjoy alcoholic beverages. Drinking and driving can be a deadly combination, not to mention a potential for legal problems, especially if a DUI arrest takes place. The easiest way to avoid a suspected drunk driving arrest is to abstain from alcohol before getting behind the wheel. It is important to note, however, that abstaining from alcohol does not guarantee that a DUI arrest will not occur because such arrests can happen even if a driver is sober.

It is always safest to abstain from alcohol when planning to drive. Improve travel safety and avoid legal problems by implementing the tips shown in the following list:

  • If traveling alone and planning to drive, do not drink alcohol.
  • When there is no designated driver present, use ride-share services.
  • Do not ride as a passenger in a vehicle with a driver who has consumed alcohol.
  • Always eat plenty of food and drink lots of water while consuming alcohol.

 If a person consumes alcohol, it is best to leave a vehicle somewhere safe and arrange for other transportation, such as calling Lyft or Uber for a ride.

Navigating the criminal justice system if a DUI arrest occurs

When a New Hampshire police officer asks a driver to step out of a vehicle during a traffic stop, intoxication is likely suspected. By understanding state DUI laws ahead of time, a person can make informed decisions and exercise his or her rights during a traffic stop. If taken into custody, determining the most viable defense options will be the key to a positive outcome.

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