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Helping Injured Workers Recover The Full Amount They Are Owed

When someone is injured on the job, the workers’ compensation laws in New Hampshire and Massachusetts require an employer to compensate the injured employee for medical costs, lost wages and, whenever appropriate, loss of future earning power.

Often, however, filing for workers’ compensation benefits and getting an application approved are complex processes that involve much more than completing a few forms. Many initial applications for benefits are denied because they do not provide sufficient medical evidence to support the claim. There is an appeals process, but it is even more complex than the initial application phase. The attorneys at Backus, Meyer & Branch, LLP, in Manchester have advocated for injured workers for nearly 40 years.

We accept all workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee basis. You pay an attorney fee only if we help you obtain a recovery.

Stated simply, we work to put more money in injured workers’ pockets than they would recover on their own, even after they pay attorney fees. Many of our workers’ compensation clients contact us after their initial claim has been denied. Increasingly, however, we get more requests to help injured workers going through the system.

Individuals have become more aware of the complexity of the workers’ compensation process and the importance of providing comprehensive information that will help them recover the full amount they deserve. We provide that information.

We Add Value To Your Case

Many injured workers are surprised when their employer and the employer’s insurance company are not supportive of their case. The truth is, your employer is primarily concerned about keeping its insurance costs down and may look for reasons to deny a claim or undervalue it. Having our knowledgeable and experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in your corner will make it clear that you are intent on recovering the full amount you are owed.

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