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We Will Advocate On Your Behalf And Add Value To Your Case

There may have been a time when many injured workers did not need to hire an attorney to help them navigate the workers’ compensation process, but that era has long since passed. The application process is complex, the volume of cases has increased drastically, and the pressure on employers to keep insurance costs in check has resulted in an increased number of initial claims being denied.

Hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney like the ones at Backus, Meyer & Branch, LLP, in Manchester is an effective way to protect your interests, streamline the process and maximize the amount of benefits you recover. You do not have to worry about legal fees not getting you a return because we get paid only if we help you obtain benefits.

We work with injured workers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts who are at various stages of the process. Some are preparing to file an initial claim, some have had an initial claim denied, and others were receiving benefits but had them cut off before they were physically able to return to work.

Insurance Providers Have Lawyers In Their Corner; You Need To As Well

Insurance companies handle hundreds or even thousands of workers’ compensation cases every month. They have attorneys whose objective is to minimize the amount of benefits that are paid out. You need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney working for you. We help our clients:

  • Receive the medical treatment needed, including going to their own doctors
  • Gather necessary medical evidence to support their claims
  • Appeal denied claims before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board
  • Properly value permanent or partial disability benefits they qualify for
  • Represent workers whose benefits have been terminated before they are able to perform their job duties
  • Negotiate lump-sum settlements when appropriate
  • Determine if they have a valid personal injury case involving a third party

Don’t Leave Money On The Table

Our goal is to put more money in your pocket than you would recover if you did not hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. We can do this because of our experience, our thorough knowledge of New Hampshire and Massachusetts workers’ compensation laws, and our ability to develop strong cases using a deep pool of resources. Remember, you pay attorney fees only if we recover benefits for you.

Call or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. We represent clients in Lawrence and other Massachusetts cities and towns. In New Hampshire, we represent injured workers in Hillsborough County and all surrounding counties.