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Advocating For Workplace Rights

You have discussed your workplace concerns with your employer several times and you still believe your employment rights are being violated. Going to work in the morning is now the worst part of your day. The experienced employment law counselors at Backus, Meyer & Branch, LLP, represent clients with a variety of employment matters and will work diligently to resolve your issues with personal attention to your needs.

Workers’ Rights Overview

Our accomplished attorneys are trial advocates who have deep experience in employment law issues. We can help fight for your rights in a variety of employment cases, including:

  • Sexual harassment: Any form of unwanted sexual conduct, including physical or verbal conduct by co-workers and sexual advances or requests, as well as exposure to pornography
  • Discrimination: Any type of discrimination relating to age, sex, pregnancy status, race, religion, nationality, disability or any other protected status
  • Wage and overtime: Failure to abide by federal and state laws on fair payment for hourly work, overtime pay and youth employment standards
  • Whistleblower claims: Discrimination against employees for reporting misconduct by an employer
  • Retaliation charges: Retaliation due to reporting an employer’s discrimination, unlawful act or sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Workers’ compensation retaliation: An employer’s retaliation against an employee for reporting a work injury, filing a workers’ compensation claim or any discrimination issue

Take Legal Action In A Timely, Thorough Way

There is a time limit to consider as well as a need to provide detailed documentation when taking measures to address workplace rights. If you believe you have been discriminated against and want to take legal action, contact one of our skilled employment attorneys. We can inform you of the most current statute of limitations in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and evaluate your documentation.

Contact Our Firm For An Evaluation Of Your Claim

Contact our law practice in Manchester today. We will advocate for your rights with a personal yet collaborative approach, ensuring that you have a team of diligent lawyers working for you. Call us today at 603-244-3282 or mail us this short email info request. We also represent clients with written workplace agreements such as noncompete and severance contracts.