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Ending a marriage is rarely easy, but it becomes significantly more difficult, stressful and expensive than it needs to be if you enlist the services of the wrong lawyer. At Backus, Meyer & Branch, LLP, in Manchester, we work closely with our clients to resolve divorce matters as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while ensuring that their rights are always protected.

Our goal is to put you in the best possible position to move forward with your life. Often, that can be accomplished in a few short months and without the need to litigate. However, we understand that decisions made during divorce proceedings often have long-term impacts.

Critical components of your post-divorce life, such as parenting and financial concerns, will be decided. We will discuss your objectives regarding these important matters, help you set priorities and work to achieve those goals. If a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiations, our family law attorneys are experienced litigators who know how to present strong arguments in court.

When You Hire One Of Us, You Get All Of Us

Not only are we experienced in all aspects of divorce and family law, but our entire firm is available to handle any number of issues that may become part of your divorce agreement. Our divorce lawyers frequently confer with colleagues who handle business law, real estate and estate planning issues regarding complex questions tied to property division, and more. In short, we help our clients resolve every aspect that must be addressed. This includes:

  • Child custody — In New Hampshire, this is referred to as parental rights and responsibilities. The court bases its decisions on what is in the best interests of the child. Parents may share parenting time or work out a parenting plan so that both parents may stay involved in their child’s life.
  • Child support — Child support payments are calculated by a formula that takes several factors into account. However, if there are reasons to deviate from this formula, we will pursue that on your behalf.
  • Spousal support — If spousal support is appropriate, the amount and duration will be determined by several factors, including the length of the marriage; each spouse’s age, health and ability to work; each spouse’s income and economic status; and the economic and noneconomic contributions of each spouse during the marriage.
  • Division of marital assets and debt — New Hampshire law calls for an equitable division of marital property and debt, which does not necessarily mean a 50-50 split. Here again, several factors will play a role in how property is divided, including whether one spouse is named the custodial parent; both parties’ income and economic status; the age, health and employability of each party; and the actions of either party during the marriage that contributed to the growth of household assets or accumulation of debt.

Meet With Our Knowledgeable Divorce Attorneys

We work to resolve as many issues as possible through negotiation and, if necessary, mediation. By doing so, both parties in a divorce take more control over the outcome. If agreements cannot be reached, we are always prepared to advocate on your behalf in court.

We encourage you to call or email us to schedule a consultation. We can answer your questions regarding divorce or any other family law matter and recommend an effective course of action.