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Few things are as stressful as filing for divorce. The dedicated attorneys at Backus, Meyer & Branch, LLP, offer a personal approach with highly skilled advocacy. We will sit down and get to know you and your goals, then offer strategic defense for what is important to you. Our firm has handled thousands of clients in New Hampshire and can represent you.

Read on to learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our family law clients.

Can I do my own divorce?

If you were in a long-term marriage that includes children and assets, you should employ the skills of an experienced attorney. A knowledgeable divorce lawyer knows the laws, the judges and the other attorneys and can work diligently for your most favorable outcome. If you go it alone, a judge makes a ruling that can be time-intensive to change in the future.

Who gets the house?

New Hampshire is an equitable distribution state. Marital property and assets are divided in a way that is fair and equitable to both parties. This does not mean equal or 50/50. An experienced divorce lawyer is essential to seeking fair distribution.

How is parental responsibility (child custody) determined?

In New Hampshire, judges may make the decision on parental responsibility (formerly known as custody) or they may order mediation when there is a dispute. These are two reasons why you need a diligent divorce team to assess the details and offer personalized guidance.

Factors pertaining to parental responsibility may include:

  • Who has been the primary caregiver
  • How much time a parent can spend with the child
  • How the child is handling the divorce
  • The child’s school performance and whether a school change will occur
  • Preference of the child

The best interests of the child are what is most important. Divorcing parents may share responsibility or one parent may gain sole parental responsibility.

How is child support calculated?

Each state has its own child support guidelines and considers facts including both parents’ incomes and how many children they have. Child support payments typically last until the child is 18 or 21, with college being another factor involved in support. You will want to talk to a deeply knowledgeable divorce attorney who can guide you in specific child support concerns.

If I lose my job, do I still have to pay child support?

A party can request a child support order modification due to a substantial change in circumstances such as job loss. The state also allows for a child support evaluation every three years from the date of the last order.

How is alimony determined?

Alimony is case-specific with no formula like child support. Many factors are considered, including:

  • Length of marriage
  • Age and health of each party
  • Employability of each party

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