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John A. Wolkowski Obtains an $850,000.00 Award

John A. Wolkowski represented Arthur J. Edmiston in an automobile accident case that occurred while he was employed at Town Line Equipment on February 6, 2002. He was operating the company vehicle in White River Junction, Vermont when he stopped to yield to a pedestrian in a cross walk as he was required to do. He was rear ended by a vehicle driven by Heather Gordon.

The collision severely jarred Mr. Edmiston inside his vehicle. Within an hour, Mr. Edmiston recognized that he had suffered significant personal injury. Beginning on that day and continuing, Mr. Edmiston suffers debilitating headaches, pain going down his left arm from his neck to his finger tips. He was given a 21 % whole person permanent impairment as a result of his injuries. Specifically, Mr. Edmiston suffered a herniated disk in his neck area. Joseph Phillips, M.D. performed surgery on Mr. Edmiston on three separate occasions. Despite some improvement, he continues to suffer daily.

Mr. Edmiston, because he was working at the time, received Worker’s Compensation benefits. They included paying him on a weekly basis until he settled his claim for $48,000.00. However, he was able to proceed against Ms. Gordon by filing a lawsuit in the State of Vermont that was ultimately settled. As that settlement was insufficient to provide him with full, fair and adequate compensation, as is required under the Constitution of the State of New Hampshire, he proceeded with a claim against his employer’s own automobile insurance company. The provisions under that contract allowed for arbitration. An arbitration hearing was held on May 9, 2007, whereby the arbitration panel awarded Arthur Edmiston $850,000.00.