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When college students usually need a criminal defense

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | Criminal Defense

In about a month, New Hampshire college campuses will once again welcome students from all over the United States for the 2023-2024 school year. For some, it will be a brand-new experience and their first time away from home. Others are returning and well on their way to earning a degree. In either case, all progress might come to a screeching halt if a student winds up needing criminal defense support after being taken into police custody.

It’s no secret that many college students like to party. It’s also no surprise that many college parties include alcohol, even on dry campuses. When things get out of hand, students often get into trouble, and some wind up facing legal problems. There are several criminal charges that a college student could wind up facing.

Alcohol-related charges

Some college students run into legal problems in connection with alcohol whether on or off campus. Possession of alcohol as a minor, drinking underage and DUI are common charges. Students can face substantial fines, driver’s license suspensions or even jail time. Those attending school on scholarship could be at risk of losing their funding.

Theft, assault and disorderly conduct

In addition to alcohol-related incidents, New Hampshire college students sometimes face criminal charges for theft, assault or disorderly conduct. Many times alcohol and these other issues intersect. Regardless of age, any student arrested on or off campus is entitled to legal representation. It is best to seek counsel as soon as an arrest is made or the possibility of one is apparent.

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