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Are back-to-school expenses part of child custody proceedings?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2023 | Family Law

While parents who enroll their children in public schools do not pay tuition, they still incur expenses during an average school year. For example, if your child plays sports or joins the school band or a drama club, you might have to pay an “activity fee.” Most parents also spend money during the back-to-school season for supplies, including, perhaps, new clothes, notebooks, backpacks and more. A parent who has filed for divorce in New Hampshire might wonder if such expenses are part of child custody proceedings.

Child support is an issue often addressed during child custody proceedings in a divorce. Every state operates under its own guidelines to determine who will pay child support, how much, how often and when. However, there are common factors across state borders regarding options parents have for incorporating costs like back-to-school supplies into their parenting agreement in a divorce.

What education fees does your family pay?

Whether you have children in public school, private school, charter school, online distance learning or are homeschooling, you will no doubt have expenses throughout the year, especially during the back-to-school season, that are related to their education. You may or may not have a monthly tuition bill. You might also need funds for things like textbooks, lunches, transportation, clothes/uniforms or private tutors.

You’ll want to discuss these issues with someone who is well-versed in New Hampshire child custody and child support laws. Be sure to determine whether state guidelines include the expenses mentioned in this post. You and your ex might also wish to discuss splitting expenses as part of your custody agreement. If you use daycare facilities or hire a nanny or babysitter before or after school hours, make sure there’s an agreement in place regarding who will be covering those costs.

How the court makes child custody and child support decisions

When you file for divorce as a New Hampshire parent, the judge overseeing your case will consider all relevant facts to help you achieve a fair settlement. Concerning custody and child support, the court always has children’s best interests in mind. The judge will also consider your income, as well as your ex’s, in addition to which of you is the primary custodian.

Other issues, such as your mental and physical health (and that of your ex) and the standard of living to which your children were accustomed during your marriage, will also influence the court’s decisions. If a legal problem arises regarding child custody or child support, either during the back-to-school season or throughout the school year, you should not hesitate to reach out for guidance and support.

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