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Review a child custody order before summer

On Behalf of | May 29, 2023 | Family Law

When a pair of New Hampshire parents decide to divorce, they must forge an agreement regarding the future care and provision for the needs of their children. Parents typically must discuss finances, as well as other issues, such as where their children will live and whether one or both parents will have the authority to make decisions on their behalf. When all issues are resolved, parents sign a child custody agreement. When they can’t agree, a judge will decide for them.

Many parents overlook how certain times of the year can bring new child custody issues to the surface, especially during the first year after finalizing a divorce. For instance, many children have specific needs during the summer months that they do not have throughout the rest of the year. It is a good idea for parents who have recently divorced to review their child custody plan.

Cooperation and compromise are keys to child custody success

If parents approach summer as a time to compete for their children’s favor following a divorce, they are setting the stage for trouble. However, when both parents are willing to consider each other’s scheduling needs and feelings, everyone wins, especially the kids. Summer often includes vacations, daycare needs, extra activities, such as sports or camps and other special events or holidays that create added expenses or necessitate changes in an existing custody plan. Working together as a team with children’s well-being in mind reduces stress and helps avoid legal problems.

Where to seek support

One parent might be left scrambling for someone to watch the kids if the other parent wants to be spontaneous and take a vacation or becomes ill or must work at a time when he or she was supposed to be caring for the children. A willingness to be flexible can help resolve such issues; grandparents, close friends or a hired babysitter can lend support. If, however, a parent is disregarding the terms of agreement in a child custody order following a divorce, a New Hampshire family law attorney can provide guidance and support help resolve the problem.

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