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3 ways narcissists make divorce stressful

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2023 | Family Law

When a pair of New Hampshire spouses decide to part ways, they must work out a settlement plan. When such spouses have children together, the best interests of the kids are a central focus of proceedings. When one of the spouses in divorce happens to be a narcissist, the other spouse will want to be prepared to deal with the stress or complications that he or she may cause in court.

A narcissist does not like it when things do not go his or her way. In a divorce, this might include negotiations for property division or child custody issues. A narcissist can make divorce even more stressful than it already is by refusing to cooperate or compromise.

A narcissist will try to bait the other spouse into a confrontation

A common behavior of a narcissist is to provoke another person and then blame him or her when they become upset. This type of provocation can cause emotional upheaval in a courtroom. To avoid confrontation, it is wise to have an experienced family law attorney on hand to speak and act on one’s behalf, which then enables a spouse to avoid getting drawn into a narcissist’s attempts to disrupt proceedings.

Have a plan and build a support team, ahead of time

The more prepared a spouse is, such as having all needs and request listed in writing before going to court and having legal representation available, the less able a narcissistic ex might be to thwart divorce proceedings. It is often best to avoid direct correspondence with a narcissist, and, instead, allow a New Hampshire attorney to handle all necessary communication. With careful thought and planning, it is possible to avoid the stress that a narcissist might try to cause in a divorce.

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