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Man facing theft charges in New Hampshire

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Criminal Defense

New Hampshire police were recently waved down by an Amazon delivery truck driver. The driver reportedly told them that another man had jumped into his truck through the passenger side of the vehicle. He reported that the man then allegedly shoved the delivery truck driver out of the vehicle.  

The Amazon worker told police that, after he was pushed out of his truck, the intruder moved into the driver seat and drove away. Investigators later said that they believe the man wrecked the truck. They also have accused him of stealing another vehicle that same day.  

Taken into custody 

The police officers investigating the case said that contact was later made with the man accused of stealing the Amazon truck, as well as another vehicle. He was arrested and is now facing criminal charges in several jurisdictions. The charges the man is facing in Manchester constitute a felony.  

Facing theft by unauthorized taking charges in court  

The felony for which the man is accused is termed ”theft by unauthorized taking.” This is typically defined as exercising unlawful control over the movable property of another. As in any criminal case, however, any person charged with a crime in New Hampshire must be provided an opportunity to present a defense in court. Most defendants request legal representation rather than handling their cases on their own in court. An attorney can recommend strategies that help produce the most positive outcome possible in a given set of circumstances.  

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