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Start divorce proceedings well-informed and well-prepared

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Family Law

When a married couple in New Hampshire decides to go their separate ways, it sets off a chain of decisions and legal steps that open the doorway to a new lifestyle. This is especially true if the couple has children together, Many people consider this process a time of healing from anger or hurt they endured during their marriage, although it can also be a challenging time. Divorce is never easy, but there are ways to keep stress to a minimum while negotiating a settlement.

A former family court judge who also happens to have a degree in psychology helps people who are filing for divorce. He believes the number one factor in being able to navigate divorce at a minimum stress level is “self-leadership.” He says it is best for individuals to do what they need to do to let go of animosity and heal their pain before heading to family court because this enables them to focus better on the task of achieving a fair settlement.

Ways to lower stress during divorce proceedings

It is helpful to focus on settlement tasks rather than the emotional turmoil of divorce when the goal is to keep stress at bay. It is important to be as well-prepared for court as possible, which includes having all paperwork and relevant documents in order. There are resources available today to help a concerned spouse keep everything straight, such as cellphone apps that enable a person to upload, evaluate and organize documents and evidence that will affect a settlement, including asset and liability information.

Avoid conflict as much as possible

Divorce changes lives but doesn’t necessarily have to ruin them. A New Hampshire spouse who seeks clarification of state laws ahead of time and is able to articulate individual needs and goals may be able to avoid conflict during court proceedings. It is also a good idea to have legal representation on hand, in case a problem does arise in the courtroom. An experienced attorney can help diffuse the situation and can protect a client’s interests as a fair and comprehensive settlement is pursued.

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