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Don’t let divorce ruin your summer this year

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Family Law

Many New Hampshire families have been facing crises in their homes over the past several years. Some spouses whose marriages have been on the rocks have decided that it’s best for everyone involved if they go their separate ways. For those who are parents, filing for divorce brings with it a lot of disruption and changes in their children’s lives.  

If you’re a concerned parent who wants to make sure your children’s best interests are in the forefront as you negotiate the terms of a child custody agreement and other issues in a divorce, you can take several steps to keep stress to a minimum. Of course, it’s helpful if your ex is willing to cooperate and compromise for your children’s sake. However, even if you disagree on certain issues, if you’re well-informed about state custody guidelines and other divorce-related issues, you can make sure a fair settlement is achieved.  

Parental rights and responsibilities are top divorce priorities 

You know what’s best for your children. To prepare for a new family lifestyle after divorce, you must resolve issues regarding where your kids will live, as well as who will have the authority to make decisions on their behalf concerning matters such as education and health. Financial provisions are another primary concern as you and your ex work out a child custody agreement. Will one of you be paying child support? 

Discuss things calmly and know where to seek support 

It’s helpful to make a list of your needs and concerns when preparing to discuss child custody in a New Hampshire divorce. If you and your co-parent are unable to achieve an agreement, you can seek the court’s intervention to make decisions on your behalf. Either way, it’s helpful to have the insight and recommendations of a family law attorney on your side. At Backus, Meyer & Branch, LLP, an experienced legal team is ready to provide strong support as you prepare to begin anew after divorce with your children. 

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