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Holidays bring drunk drivers out in droves

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Unfortunately for New Hampshire travelers, there always seems to be an increase in intoxicated drivers during the holidays. Alcohol has a significant impact on a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. While there are stringent laws in place to deter drunk drivers, there are always people who disregard traffic laws and make irresponsible decisions that place themselves and everyone around them at risk for personal injury.

Parts of the brain that alcohol affect the most

Alcohol affects every person differently, but it affects certain parts of the brain for all people. For instance, the cerebellum is the part of the brain that controls balance and movement. When a person who has consumed alcohol has trouble walking straight, it typically means his or her cerebellum is impaired.

The cerebral cortex controls thought, logic and reason. An alcohol-impaired individual may lose inhibitions that are typically present to guide the thought process. Someone who is obviously drunk and thinks that he or she is “OK to drive” is showing signs of cerebral cortex impairment.

Driving ability may be impaired even when legal limit has not been exceeded

It is possible that a person who has consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel, but has not exceeded the blood alcohol content level for legal operation of a motor vehicle, may still have a decreased ability to drive. Alcohol affects a person’s ability to concentrate or focus on certain tasks. How much alcohol someone needs to consume for such impairment to take place differs from person to person. If a drunk driver causes a collision during the holidays, it may not only ruin someone’s festive spirit but can cause severe injuries and financial distress. A recovering victim of a drunk driving crash can seek compensation for damages in a civil court.

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