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Child custody court order is not just a piece of paper

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2021 | Family Law

When a pair of New Hampshire parents file for divorce, they must come to an agreement regarding issues that pertain to their children. Once they have achieved this goal, the court issues a child custody order to which both parents must adhere at all times. Trouble may arise if one parent refuses to obey — for instance, not showing up at an agreed-upon time and location to transfer custody.  

Correspond in writing to create documentation of the problem 

Especially during the holidays, it can cause a lot of stress if a co-parent refuses to cooperate and carry out the terms of a child custody order. The last thing kids need is to have their parents fighting over them during the holidays. A concerned parent can document the problem by communicating in writing with the other parent, clearly stating that he or she is disregarding the court order and requesting that the issue be immediately resolved.  

If the parents wind up back in court over the issue, the judge may view emails or other written communication. The court does not look favorably on a parent who disregards its child custody orders. In fact, a judge might decide to hold such a parent in contempt.  

Remain calm and take steps to protect parental rights and children’s best interests 

It can be frustrating to deal with a former spouse who is causing child custody problems, especially during the holidays. A parent facing such problems will want to avoid confrontation and, instead, take appropriate steps to resolve the issue under the guidance and authority of the family justice system. An experienced New Hampshire family law attorney can act as a personal advocate on behalf of a parent who wishes to bring a post-divorce legal problem to the court’s attention.