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New Hampshire crash, fatal personal injury

On Behalf of | May 2, 2021 | Personal Injury

Not one but two people suffered an untimely death in a New Hampshire collision that occurred on a recent Thursday. It was just after midnight when two vehicles crashed head-on. Police and rescuers who responded to the scene were met with the tragic results of the incident.  

Neither driver survived the impact of the crash 

Both drivers were reportedly pronounced dead at the scene of the collision. As is often the case in such situations, investigators had more questions than they did answers as they assessed the scene and tried to determine what or who may have caused the vehicles to be heading straight for each other in the same traffic lane. Police have published a telephone number and email address, asking anyone who may have witnessed the collision or has information to help their investigation to please call or write to their department as soon as possible.  

Wrong-way drivers often cause fatal collisions in New Hampshire 

Wrong-way accidents are all too commonA driver may have been texting behind the wheel or otherwise distracted. Sometimes the influence of drugs or alcohol is at play. In other circumstances, a driver may have suffered a medical emergency, which resulted in his or her vehicle veering into an oncoming lane.  

Support is available for grieving families  

Learning that a loved one was killed in a New Hampshire motor vehicle accident is devastating to families and friends of the victim. In cases where the evidence suggests that the crash was caused by driver negligence, feelings of frustration and anger may creep in alongside grief. While there is no replacement for the loss of a human life, a grieving family may obtain support through the civil justice system to seek restitution for damages, which can, at least, help cover funeral expenses and other financial burdens associated with a specific tragedy 

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