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Getting a divorce while living in the same house

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Family Law

Have you decided to get a divorce? If the answer is yes, your situation may be complicated by the fact that you can’t move out. Prior to the events of 2020, people whose financial situations could not support two households would remain in the same house during a divorce, but with everything else currently going on now, money may not be the only reason the two of you must continue to live in the same house.

Job losses, home prices, social isolation and other factors have made it a challenge for married couples who no longer want to be together. Many people are still staying put and only getting out when they have to for work, groceries or some other compelling reason. So, how do you handle living together as you prepare for and go through your divorce?

Tips on living together while getting a divorce

Regardless of your reasons, you and your spouse face living in the same house while you end your marriage. For many people, this could be the most awkward position you have ever found yourself in, and you may be wondering how you will make it through. The following tips could help:

  • Work with your future former spouse on making a plan regarding how you will handle the situation. It may even help to put an expiration date on the living arrangements since knowing when it will end could help you get through it.
  • Agree to act civil to each other. The more you can avoid confrontation and tension, the more tolerable the situation may be.
  • Set some ground rules and boundaries that will govern your interactions during this time.
  • If your financial situation is part of the reason why the two of you must remain in the same house, do what you can to improve that situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. A budget may help.
  • If you have children, they will notice that something is going on between the two of you. Decide on the best time to tell them and do it together.
  • Agree not to put the children in the middle.

Following these recommendations could help ease the tension, stress and frustration of the situation. Another step you could take is scheduling a consultation with a New Hampshire attorney so you can understand and protect your rights and interests. The sooner the two of you begin moving forward with the process, the sooner you can both figure out how to move on with your lives.

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