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Mail theft, drug charges filed in New Hampshire

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2023 | Criminal Defense

A man and a woman were arrested following a New Hampshire traffic stop in Campton. Police officers reportedly discovered stolen mail in their vehicle, as well as illegal drugs. The 39-year-old woman and 46-year-old man were arrested, although both were later released on bail.  

Police in Holderness apparently received numerous reports of mail theft in multiple communities. They identified two suspects and obtained a search warrant. During the subsequent traffic stop, police claim that they found stolen mail, oxycodone and methamphetamine in the vehicle in which the two individuals were traveling.  

Choosing a defense strategy crucial 

When someone is charged with a crime, the accused must be provided with an opportunity to refute the charges. Several defense strategies may come into play, such as claiming an alibi or mistaken identity, that no crime was committed, or the rights of the accused were violated. Every criminal defendant is guaranteed the presumption of innocence unless and until prosecutors prove their case in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Having an experienced defense attorney by one’s side in court can help alleviate stress while pursuing the best possible result. Anyone in New Hampshire has the right to legal representation as soon as he or she has been taken into police custody. Facing theft or drug charges in no way presupposes that a conviction will result. Especially when a person’s freedom is at risk, it is important to take advantage of all available resources to build a strong defense.