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Don’t let a spring break DUI ruin your college career

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Criminal Defense

In a few short weeks, college students in New Hampshire and throughout the United States will be celebrating spring break. Even if you’re staying on campus during break, you’ll no doubt spend some time kicking back and hanging out with your friends — perhaps going to a few parties, as well. The rigors of academics are set aside at this time of year but will return soon enough when you begin studying for finals. Your last semester of school can be disastrous if your spring break ends with DUI charges.

If you’re 21 or older, you can legally consume alcohol. Whether you can do that on campus depends on the rules of your college. If you’re under 21, the best way to avoid legal problems associated with spring break parties is to consume non-alcoholic beverages only. For those who are old enough to drink, there are several helpful tips to keep in mind.

Use ride shares and DDs to avoid a DUI stop

Alcohol affects your ability to think clearly, which is why many college students think they can still drive safely after they have consumed several alcoholic beverages. To avoid acting on impaired reasoning skills, you can easily schedule transportation through a ride share program or ask a designated driver (DD) to take you where you need to go. A DD is someone who agrees to act as a chauffeur for the night and agrees to abstain from alcohol.

Take advantage of cell phone apps that help students stay safe

Spring break is meant to be enjoyable. Not only will you not be having fun if you’re sitting in a county jail waiting to call home and tell your family that the police have arrested you for DUI, you’ll also experience the adverse effects the incident may have on your college career, especially if you lose a scholarship or get suspended.

Cell phone apps come in handy to help you get home safely from spring break parties. Maybe you are at a party near campus and drove there but feel like you shouldn’t drive home. The LiveSafe app has a special feature called “SafeWalk,” which allows family members or others you are connected with to monitor you while you walk back to campus. Such apps enable you to share your location with school administrators or other students, as well.

What to do if you receive DUI charges in New Hampshire

If a New Hampshire police officer takes you into custody for suspected DUI, you will want to be fully aware of your rights and how to defend them in court. It is always best to request immediate legal support in such circumstances. You will also want to speak with your parents or guardian to discuss what type of defense option might be available and whether there is anything you can do to help mitigate the circumstances.

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