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New Hampshire police got a call that led to a drug arrest

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Criminal Defense

A truck driver who was traveling in New Hampshire reportedly called police on a recent Wednesday to report that another motorist had pointed a firearm at him on Interstate 93 in Bow. The phone call compelled police to search for the driver in question and conduct a high-risk traffic stop after stopping the suspect vehicle on Interstate 89 in Hopkington. The apparent road-rage incident ultimately led to a search of the vehicle and the driver being taken into police custody, then later released on his own recognizance.  

The police officers who responded to the alleged incident claim to have found a large amount of marijuana and marijuana-laced products in the man’s vehicle. He is now facing drug charges, in addition to charges for threatening someone with a deadly weapon. The police department has asked anyone who may have witnessed the gun incident to call the department.  

Choosing a defense strategy  

Both drug crimes and firearms violations carry stiff penalties under conviction in New Hampshire. If a case goes to trial, an accused individual will want an experienced criminal defense attorney on his side. A defense attorney knows what to look for to try to challenge the prosecution’s case in court.  

If the legal rights of the accused were violated, the judge overseeing the case might decide to dismiss it or rule that certain evidence is inadmissible. A criminal defense attorney can make recommendations as to what type of plea to enter. An attorney can also determine which defense strategies have the best chance of achieving a positive outcome.  

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