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Woman facing criminal charges after childbirth

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Criminal Defense

New Hampshire police say they recently received a call in the wee hours after midnight that compelled them to go to a wooded area and search for a child. They were led to believe that a woman had just given birth in the woods. After an hour, they did not locate an infant, until the woman who claims to be the child’s mother told them to look in a different area from the one she had initially advised them to search. That woman is now facing criminal charges.  

The state of New Hampshire has filed criminal charges against the woman for reckless conduct. She was also arrested in connection with child endangerment charges in an incident that is reportedly not related to the supposed birth in the woods. The infant who was discovered in the woods by police was taken to a nearby hospital for medical care.  

Each case will be fully adjudicated 

Since the two criminal charges against the woman are not connected, each case will be separately addressed in criminal court. In this state, reckless conduct is typically charged as a misdemeanor crime, unless a weapon is used. Behavior that constitutes reckless conduct includes any action that might place another person in danger of serious bodily injury.  

Seeking criminal defense support  

When New Hampshire police take someone into custody, the individual has a right to request legal support. It is always best to make the request as soon as possible. The sooner an accused person meets with an experienced criminal defense attorney, the sooner he or she can start building a strong defense 

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