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Explore parallel parenting for child custody

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Family Law

When a New Hampshire married couple with children files for divorce, alternative options might be needed if they do not think co-parenting is a good idea. Many divorcing couples have contentious relationships and know ahead of time that they do not want a co-parenting arrangement. There are other child custody options available for parents, such as parallel parenting, which many people find works better for them.

It is a good idea to learn more about parallel parenting and how it might help both parents and children as they adapt to a new lifestyle after divorce. Intentional lack of communication is a key component of parallel parenting. Writing out a detailed plan enables those who sign a parallel parenting agreement to limit their contact with one another, which is exactly what they want.

A parent need not seek approval or agreement for daily routine issues

Co-parenting after divorce requires frequent communication between parents. On the other hand, parallel parenting means that each parent can do his or her own thing whenever children are in his or her custody. Details regarding drop-off locations, times and dates are all written out and agreed to ahead of time.

In a parallel parenting situation, the only time parents have to communicate with each other is for major issues, such as a medical emergency. If a New Hampshire parent who is getting ready to file for divorce wants to learn more about parallel parenting, he or she can schedule a meeting with an experienced family law attorney. Such an attorney can answer questions and determine whether this type of custody arrangement might be a good fit in a specific set of circumstances.

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