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Lives lost in recent New Hampshire collision

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Personal Injury

The New Hampshire Museum of New Art posted condolences on one of its social media pages following a collision on a recent Sunday that resulted in the death of one of its team members. Sadly, the 22-year-old was among three others whose lives ended suddenly when a vehicle veered out of its lane and slammed into another vehicle in the oncoming lane. Police arrived at the scene to discover that the vehicle that drifted into oncoming traffic had burst into flames upon impact.

Traveling with the young man who worked at the Museum of New Art was a 23-year-old man, as well as the driver, a 58-year-old man who worked at the Department of Public Works Water Division. His vehicle had been heading in a westbound direction when the eastbound car careened into its path. Local law enforcement officers have requested public assistance in this case, asking that anyone who may have witnessed the collision to contact them.

The driver of the wayward vehicle was driving erratically

Police later stated that the operator of the vehicle that crossed into an oncoming lane had reportedly been driving erratically, moments before the collision. At the time of this writing, investigators were still working to determine the speed at which the vehicle was moving when it hit the other car, head-on. Four people were killed.

Reasons that vehicles sometimes veer out of a traffic lane

In some cases, it has later been determined that a driver who caused a fatal collision had experienced a medical emergency, such as a heart attack, moments before veering into an oncoming lane. There are also many cases where driver negligence was the causal factor. Families whose loved ones suffer fatal injuries in a New Hampshire collision often encounter financial distress because of funeral expenses and other monetary losses associated with the incident, in which case, they may file a wrongful death claim in court to seek financial recovery for their losses.