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8 charges dropped against New Hampshire driver

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Many New Hampshire residents have been closely following a criminal case in court that was spurred by a motor vehicle tragedy in 2019. A truck driver was charged on multiple counts, including eight charges alleging driver impairment and intoxication. As the prosecution and defense recently presented their closing arguments in the case, many people were surprised to learn that the eight charges have been dropped.

The collision resulted in the deaths of seven people who were traveling by motorcycle at the time. Prosecutors say the defendant was observed driving a truck moments before the crash. However, an expert crash analyst testified that evidence shows impact occurred on the center line and that the defendant’s vehicle was traveling straight at the time.

Defense claims one of the motorcyclists caused the collision

As part of the truck driver’s defense, his attorney emphasized that the crash analyst’s testimony suggests that it was the impact of the motorcycle hitting the truck that caused the truck to cross over the line. While the drunk driving charges were dropped, the reckless driving charges, negligent homicide and manslaughter charges remain, and it will now be left to the jury to decide whether the evidence merits a conviction. The defense also highlighted the fact that a person traveling with the motorcyclists, all of whom belonged to a riding club known as the Jar Heads, reportedly told police he had been drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

This prompted the defense to ask whether investigators had asked the driver whether the motorcyclists he had been traveling with had also been drinking before the collision. When New Hampshire prosecutors file charges against a driver in connection with a fatal collision, it doesn’t necessarily mean a conviction will result. Obtaining strong defense support before heading to court is always best.

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