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New Hampshire man facing criminal charges

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Road rage is not uncommon in New Hampshire, especially for people who spend a lot of time behind the wheel in busy traffic areas. Symptoms of road rage often include honking a horn or a driver who shouts expletives at other motorists. Sometimes, road rage situations escalate into incidents that place people’s lives at risk.  

Police recently arrested a man whom they say had acted with road rage against another person. A 22-year-old man is currently behind bars following an incident where police claim he wielded a knife at another motorist in connection with a road rage situation. The other motorist told police that the man was angry at him for not turning right at a right-on-red traffic light.  

A minor collision occurred, moments before the other driver engaged a pursuit 

The man who was later arrested is said to have fled the scene after his vehicle clipped the front end of the other car. The driver of that car admitted following the man, saying it was an attempt to record his license plate number. When the man in the first car pulled over, the driver who had been following him also pulled off the road.  

The person who had engaged in pursuit of the other vehicle says the driver exited the car and began wielding a knife at him. He eventually got back inside his vehicle, and police claim that he refused to exit the car when they ordered him to do so. The man is now facing multiple criminal charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Police say the man is awaiting trial for an incident unrelated to this case. It is helpful, in such situations, to seek legal support from an experienced criminal law attorney before proceedings begin.