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New Hampshire drug investigation spurs arrests

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Criminal Defense

New Hampshire police say they have been working in conjunction with multiple other agencies over the past several months to conduct a drug investigation. On a recent Friday, numerous arrests were made. While most of the arrests took place in this state, there were a few in two bordering states, as well.  

Investigators have accused those arrested of drug trafficking. There was a total of 13 arrests, with defendants ranging in age from 27 to 56. Several of the arrests occurred a few months back. The rest of them took place several days ago.  

Allegations include conspiracy to sell illegal drugs 

Several of the defendants are facing charges for conspiring to sell methamphetamine. One person is accused of providing others with the drug. The same person is suspected of supplying the group with cocaine, as well. Police claim the group would then take the drugs they received and distribute them in Concord, Hudson and other areas in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.  

Refuting criminal charges in court 

Facing drug charges in New Hampshire is no small matter, as penalties under conviction can be quite severe. A person must be given an opportunity to refute the charges against him or her in court. It is wise to seek consultation with an experienced criminal law attorney before presenting a defense. An attorney can explain all options available and help determine which type of plea or response may have the greatest chance of helping to secure a positive outcome, or, at least, to mitigate the circumstances.  

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