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Police say they know the man they arrested

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Criminal Defense

New Hampshire police recently took a man into custody. The man is believed to have been seen purchasing a gallon of water, then dumping out the contents and using the container to obtain fuel at a gas pump. Investigators say they believe the same man was involved with several other people in recent crimes that took place in the area.

Law enforcement officers say the 20-year-old is accused of multiple burglary attempts that have recently taken place at various gun shops in the region. They claim that surveillance videos from numerous gun stores show a group of people attempting break-ins. Police say they believe the man they arrested at the gas station is one of the people shown in the surveillance footage.

The people in the videos are wearing hoodies

The surveillance films show people wearing hoodies, which typically obscures a person’s identity. One of the men is wearing camouflage in each of the films. Police say that they think the man who is now in their custody is that same man. The window of one gun store was smashed in, and investigators say there are similarities in all of the crimes, which took place early morning on a Saturday and Sunday.

Charging and proving are two separate issues

A New Hampshire police officer says that he recognizes the young man who was arrested on suspicion of the recent burglary crimes. The officer claims he has arrested the same man in the past. In any criminal case, prosecutors are tasked beyond merely confirming a defendant’s identity. They must also convince a judge or jury that the defendant committed the exact crimes for which he or she stands accused. Relying on experienced criminal defense support increases the chances of being able to mitigate one’s circumstances when facing charges of any kind.

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