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Disregarding these 3 tips may result in personal injury

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2022 | Personal Injury

Anyone new to New Hampshire may be surprised by how dangerous road conditions can be in winter, especially if a person is relocating from a southern state. There are several things that motorists can do to avoid collision during winter months. Even a most cautious driver, however, cannot control the behavior of another motorist, which means that the risk for personal injury is always greater if a reckless or distracted driver is nearby.

Avoid overcorrection by steering into a skid

Most motorists encounter slippery road conditions during winter in New Hampshire. If a vehicle goes into a skid, a driver who panics might wind up spinning out of control or causing a collision. The safest way to navigate a skid is to calmly turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid. This helps the tires to gain traction and helps avoid overcorrection, which is often a cause of collision.

Keep a safe distance between cars when road conditions are poor

Wet roads can be slippery, especially those covered in slush, snow or ice. To improve winter driving safety, increase the stopping distance between vehicles. A single car length between a vehicle and the car in front of it may not be adequate for safely bringing the car to a halt if the need arises and the hard surface beneath the car is slippery.

Avoid sudden application of brakes or gas pedal

It is easier to avoid a collision by calmly and evenly applying a brake or gas pedal as opposed to slamming on the brakes or putting the pedal to the floor to accelerate. Sudden application of brakes or gas can cause a vehicle to spin, which may then cause a driver to lose control of steering. If someone suffers personal injury because of another driver’s negligence during wintry weather or at any time of year, he or she may seek compensation for damages by filing a legal claim in a civil court.

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