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Driver arrested by New Hampshire police

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Pedestrian safety is always at risk in a parking lot. New Hampshire police say they recently arrested a man whom they believe was placing nearby pedestrians at risk for injury because he was driving unsafely in a lot where they were standing in line to enter a clinic. Witnesses say the man was driving erratically when police intervened.

Police say the driver was uncooperative

People in the parking lot, which was near the Currier Art Museum on Arch Street in Manchester,  told police that the man who was driving around in circles with flood lights on was yelling and swearing at them through an open car window. When police arrived, they reportedly told the man to turn off his ignition and exit the vehicle. The officers say they instructed the man several times, and that each time, he refused to comply.

The incident ended in an arrest

The man was arrested at the scene. Police are said to have taken him to the ground to make the arrest. He is now facing charges for resisting arrest and trespassing.

When criminal defense support is needed

No matter what the specific details of a particular incident happen to be that have led to an arrest in New Hampshire, every person accused of a crime is entitled to criminal defense support. In fact, a person does not have to answer any questions under interrogation without the benefit of an attorney’s presence. Acting alongside legal representation in court increases the chances of obtaining the best possible outcome.