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Police made a drug crime arrest at Walmart

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Two New Hampshire residents are facing drug crime charges after police recently approached them at a Walmart store. Both men, ages 36 and 31, were taken into custody in connection with alleged illegal drug activity. Police claim the men were in possession of a controlled substance at the time.

Additional drug crime charges have been filed

One of the men who was arrested is also facing charges for selling controlled drugs. Investigators have accused the other man of attempting to falsify evidence in the case. After arresting the men, police obtained a warrant to search the men’s personal property.

The search reportedly led to a discovery of illegal drugs, other items

The officers who searched the man’s property claim to have found cocaine, methamphetamine and fentanyl, as well as a small amount of marijuana. The officers also say they confiscated plastic packaging material, numerous digital scales and other drug paraphernalia. One of the men has since been released from jail after paying bail, but a criminal court judge denied bail to the other defendant.

The outcome may differ when 2 people are arrested for a drug crime

Just because more than one person is arrested in connection with the same incident does not necessarily mean they will have similar outcomes in a Texas criminal court. Various factors, including the type of criminal defense strategy each person presents in court, may affect the outcome of a specific case. Each person is guaranteed an opportunity to refute drug crime charges, which is why most defendants request legal representation soon after they have been arrested.

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