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Avoid summer break child custody problems

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Family Law

New Hampshire has a lot to offer for summer fun for families. From traveling the famous Kancamagus Highway for a scenic route to visiting Hampton Beach, parents and kids alike can find adventure and excitement throughout the state during summer break. For parents who have recently filed for divorce, however, summer can be a challenging time regarding child custody issues.

Determining the best place for children to be

Most family court judges agree that children fare best in divorce when they continue spending a liberal amount of time with both of their parents. A pair of parents might determine that it is in their children’s best interests to travel back and forth between their two houses throughout the summer. A benefit of child custody agreements is that parents may customize their plan to fit their children’s needs. Therefore, if the parents in question are struggling with a contentious relationship or navigating custody battles in court, it may be best for the kids if they attend camp or stay with a close friend or relative until the problem is resolved in order to be less exposed to parental conflict.

The more family time, the better

A concerned parent will want to try to arrange for time off work to spend time with his or her children as they adapt to a new lifestyle after divorce. Especially if a parent must work outside the home full-time to make ends meet, he or she can enlist support from babysitters, relatives and, hopefully, from his or her co-parent when kids need supervision during summer break and their primary custodial parent has to work.

Make children’s interests the priority

It is understandable that there might be tension between two parents who have recently finalized a divorce. Continually exposing kids to conflict, however, is not likely to help them cope. Summer should be a fun time for kids, and parents who are willing to cooperate in carrying out a child custody plan set an example for the children that lets them know it is possible to peacefully part ways and move on in life within a new family dynamic. Any parent who is concerned about a specific legal issue should not hesitate to reach out for additional support.

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