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New Hampshire police say hotel guest had warrant for arrest

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Criminal Defense

A New Hampshire police officer was not on duty when he claims to have noticed a man navigating a drive-thru at a local restaurant. The off-duty officer reportedly thought that the man fit the description of someone who had a warrant out for his arrest. Police say they saw the man enter a local hotel after finishing his transaction at the drive-thru. The events that unfolded led to an arrest and pending charges for suspected drug crimes.

Police pay hotel guest a visit

Several officers knocked on the door of the hotel and claim the man they were looking for hid himself in the bathroom. The officers say they repeatedly announced that there was a warrant out for the man’s arrest. They say the man opened the bathroom door nearly a half hour later, and they took him into custody.

Man was transported to hospital before county jail

Upon the leaving the hotel, the police officers took the man to a nearby hospital because they suspected him of being under the influence of drugs. Police later searched the hotel room where the man had been staying. They claim to have to have fentanyl and drug paraphernalia in the room, which police say has led to new charges, including illegal possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and other related drug crimes.

Various criminal defense strategies may be available

When a New Hampshire resident is arrested on suspicion of drug crimes, he or she is guaranteed an opportunity to refute charges in court. From a defendant’s perspective, it pays to try to mitigate such circumstances as much as possible because penalty under conviction of drug crimes can be severe, especially if it is not the first time a particular person has been arrested because of drug-related issues. An experienced criminal defense attorney can explain several strategies that might be available to a defendant, then recommend a best course of action.

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