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Who should be on your personal injury support team?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Personal Injury

The emotional trauma of a sudden, unexpected motor vehicle collision can leave you feeling frightened and helpless. If another driver hit you, you typically rely on response teams to come to your aid. As the hours and days following a collision unfold, however, you’ll want to have numerous other people in addition to first responders on your New Hampshire support team.

It’s always best to seek immediate medical attention when you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle crash. Injuries are not always immediately apparent, which is why it’s best to allow ER doctors and medical teams to determine if further tests such as CT scans or X-rays should be done. In fact, your medical team is often an integral part of your support network.

During recovery, you may have to deal with insurance agencies, which can be highly stressful. While it would be nice if you could trust that all insurance agents have your best interests in mind, the reality is that this is not always true. That is why it is also beneficial to add a personal injury law attorney to your post-collision support team as well.

At Backus, Meyer & Branch, LLP, our experienced team of attorneys are committed to helping you get the care you need to achieve as full of a recovery as possible after a New Hampshire motor vehicle collision. When another person’s negligence has resulted in damages to you emotionally, physically and/or financially, our support team will go to bat for you in court if you decide to file a personal injury claim against the driver deemed responsible for your injuries. Such litigation is often complex and stressful, and having an experienced team of attorneys on your side increases your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

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