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More reasons to consider joint custody of the children

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | Family Law

Divorce brings a lot of changes to a family even under the best of circumstances. Making the most of what is to come could mean pursuing joint custody of the children. Like parents throughout New Hampshire and elsewhere, each of them could enjoy some substantial benefits they may not have considered.

For instance, neither parent will be solely responsible for everyday expenses and discipline. Money and discipline could be two of the most hotly contested issues for custodial and noncustodial parents. If the parents are sharing custody as close to equal as possible, they each have a stake in making sure that the children receive everything they need — including discipline.

One aspect of a joint custody arrangement that some parents here in New Hampshire and elsewhere feel guilty about is that they have more time to themselves. They can focus on their careers, have time to unwind and relax, spend time with friends, and even date. Parents should not feel guilty about wanting to take care of themselves and move forward with their lives. Moreover, it can be easy to forget how precious your children are to you, but if you do not see them every day, that could change.

Parents considering a joint custody arrangement may also want to come to an agreement outside the courtroom. The more amicable a foundation parents create during the divorce process, the higher the chances are for a brighter future post-divorce. Ultimately, it may also reduce some of the stress the children undoubtedly feel as they transition from one version of their family to another.

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