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New Hampshire woman faces DWI and other charges

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Criminal Defense

People do not always make the best choices, but that does not mean they forfeit their rights. For instance, a New Hampshire woman faces a number of charges, including DWI, after a high-speed chase. Even so, she retains the right to present a defense and seek out representation from a criminal defense attorney.

According to reports from the New Hampshire State Police, a trooper witnessed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on Route 101. He pursued and pulled the vehicle over. As he went to approach the driver, the vehicle took off again, and a high-speed chase ensued.

By the time troopers were able to stop the vehicle by employing stop sticks on the roadway that flattened a tire, the chase had reached speeds up to 109 mph. Fortunately, it ended without injuries. Police took the woman into custody. She faces charges including aggravated DWI, disobeying an officer and reckless operation. The NHSP did not provide any further details regarding the incident. However, what is clear is that the woman faces significant penalties if convicted of the crimes of which she is accused.

As would be the case for anyone here in New Hampshire or elsewhere across the country, this woman has certain rights, including the presumption of innocence. It will be up to prosecutors to prove her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law before she faces any of the potential penalties associated with the aggravated DWI and other charges. Another of her rights is to counsel, and she may want to take advantage of this right as soon as possible.

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