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Single car accidents could change lives forever

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Firm News

Just because a crash does not include more than one vehicle does not mean it cannot be as devastating as any other crash. Serious or deadly injuries happen all the time. Single car accidents have the same potential to change the lives of those involved and their families forever. Far too many New Hampshire individuals and families already know this while others have yet to feel the full impact of this type of crash.

For instance, troopers with the New Hampshire State Police responded to a single vehicle crash that took place on a recent Saturday. From what investigators have pieced together so far, a vehicle was traveling southbound on Interstate 93 sometime before 6 p.m. At some point, the driver lost control of the vehicle causing it to careen off the highway. It then struck a tree and flipped over before coming to rest.

The driver and one passenger occupied the vehicle at the time of the crash. Authorities described the 26-year-old driver’s injuries as life-threatening in the report. The 25-year-old passenger’s injuries were only described as serious, but he or she was listed as being in stable condition at last report. No further updates were available at this time.

Troopers found witnesses who indicated the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed at the time of the crash. The possibility of impairment on the part of the driver was not ruled out but also not confirmed. It could take some time for the final report regarding the crash is completed.

As those who have been involved in multiple or single car accidents can attest, medical care and medical-related needs are usually quite expensive. It becomes difficult to even think about paying those expenses when income is also lost while victims are out of work recovering. Between these and other damages, the financial losses can quickly become unmanageable. As the passenger in this crash recovers, he or she may pursue restitution for the current and future damages incurred in connection with this incident.