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Bans on cellphone use while driving don’t stop distracted drivers

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2020 | Personal Injury

In recent years, public service announcements and advocacy groups have tried to get the word out that using a cellphone behind the wheel is dangerous. In addition, many states have passed laws banning texting and driving. Unfortunately, these efforts have yet to eliminate the temptation for people to use their phones while driving. These distracted drivers continue to put themselves and everyone else on New Hampshire’s roadways at risk.

Laws banning the use of cellphones do deter some drivers from using them while behind the wheel, but there are just as many people, if not more, who ignore the law. As motorists travel New Hampshire roadways, they encounter literally hundreds of vehicles each day. It may surprise them to know that one out of every 100 of those drivers is only paying attention to the road about half of the time. In addition, approximately 10% of drivers fail to keep their minds, eyes and hands on driving about 20% of the time.

Drivers may use hands-free devices to make calls as they drive, but still hold their phones in order to send and receive texts, look at apps and more. The longer a driver’s eyes and mind are off the road, the higher the risk becomes that an accident will occur. It takes only seconds for the landscape of the roadway to change, and if a driver fails to pay attention, it could lead to disaster.

When such a disaster strikes, the devastation can be life-changing for the individuals involved. Serious injuries can leave a permanent imprint on a person’s life, all because a negligent driver could not resist the urge to be on the phone while driving. Distracted drivers cause thousands of accidents each year, and their victims deserve the chance to pursue restitution for their financial and other losses. Fortunately, relief is possible through the filing of personal injury or wrongful death claims, as applicable.


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