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Quick tips for a more peaceful divorce for exes and children

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Family Law

When people in New Hampshire talk about a peaceful divorce, the focus is mostly on ex-spouses getting along. However, children are also affected by whether or not a divorce involves as little drama as possible. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 1 million children have been affected by over 800,000 divorces in America over the past few years.

Some children and spouses experience trauma not just during the divorce, but before and after. This may be due to the circumstances around why the spouses decided to divorce. Cases of abuse are often the most heartbreaking.

How do parents maintain a clear head in these instances to protect the mental health of themselves and their children? According to Forbes, it is important to consider all options during the divorce process. A neutral third-party mediator may be able to assist ex-spouses with coming to a mutual decision without going to court. Collaborative divorces may also have a similar effect. Some elements of the divorce that may be settled at these times include the following:

  •          Spousal support
  •          Child support
  •          Child custody
  •          Property division

Parents should also try to set an example for the children by maintaining mutual respect. This may be especially difficult in cases of infidelity or domestic abuse. However, angry and overemotional parents are often viewed as unfit by the court. Failure to maintain respect may also lead to unreasonable demands out of spite, as well as longer, more expensive divorce processes.

Ensuring a divorce is peaceful requires the participation of both spouses. While there is no guaranteeing the other spouse will cooperate with the decision to keep things respectful and peaceful, one party may at least ensure they play their role for the sake of the children involved.

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