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Family law attorney can help with division of property

The decision to divorce can be a difficult one to make. Who will get the family home, how will financial assets be divided and who will be responsible for which debts are all questions that the unhappy New Hampshire spouse must consider. Additionally, which assets are considered to be marital assets and thus a part of the divorce process? Prior to making any final decisions regarding these issues, the individual will want to review them with a family law attorney.

Can you relocate with your kids after a divorce?

As you move past your divorce in Manchester, new opportunities will no doubt present themselves in your life. One of those may be the chance to relocate to a new area in order to secure a new job, start a new relationship or be closer to your extended family. Yet relocating following a divorce is rarely a simple matter if you and your ex-spouse have children together. According to New Hampshire’s Domestic Relations code, if you plan to relocate your kids from a residence where they spend at least 150 days every year, you must follow the state’s requirements for parental relocation.

Factors involved with divorce proceeding decisions

Couples who are going through a divorce in New Hampshire have a lot of decisions to make, and one of the first ones is how to proceed with the divorce. The ideal situation is when both sides come to a mutual agreement about how to divide things and where each will live, but this is rare. Most couples either choose to go through divorce mediation or fight it out in court, and there are factors to consider before making a decision about which route to take.

What factors affect child support modification?

When you get divorced in New Hampshire, the court uses current information about your children's needs and you and your spouse's income to create child support orders. If your economic circumstances change at some point after the initial child support agreement, it may be necessary to request a modification. New Hampshire state law has specific guidelines for requesting a change to child support orders.

Plan for the children’s college education during a divorce

When planning for a New Hampshire divorce that involves children, not enough parents give due thought to how they will pay for college. The younger the children, the less likely this is to come up. However, the sooner parents tackle this problem, the better it is for everyone involved.

Quick tips for a more peaceful divorce for exes and children

When people in New Hampshire talk about a peaceful divorce, the focus is mostly on ex-spouses getting along. However, children are also affected by whether or not a divorce involves as little drama as possible. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 1 million children have been affected by over 800,000 divorces in America over the past few years.

How can I ensure my prenup is enforceable?

Prenuptial agreements aren't just for the ultra-rich. They can also help everyday people protect their assets and enter into a marriage with a clear understanding of shared finances. CNBC explains what goes into a legally binding, enforceable prenup that protects the interests of both spouses. 

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